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VIP Jeep Safari Tours

Come to explore and reach places quite inaccessible other than by jeep. Our tours are specially designed, to introduce the beauty of the desert landscape with a taste of adventure and fun.
There is many routes for your sightseeing pleasure, including the awe-inspiring natural formations of the Timna Valley, the Pillars of Solomon, and the Red Canyon, all set against the backdrop of Eilat’s stunning mountains. We also invite you to visit Hai Bar Nature Reserve and enjoy short refresh in Yotvata Kibbutz.
The VIP experience-only you and the adventure !


Red Canyon tour:
4 hours tour to the most beautiful place in Eilat mountains area- the Red Canyon. We will start our tour from the Solomon Wadi, continue to observation point for a view of 4 countries- Jordan, Egypt, Israel and Saudi Arabia. We then descend by jeep to Ein Netafim, a water spring in the desert and along the Shani riverbed to the Red Canyon.
We explore the canyon by foot between narrow walls coming back to our jeeps after about one hour of enjoyable walking that is suitable for the whole family.
The canyon is one of the best desert sandstone formations in the area and the scenery is magnificent.


Timna Park and Solomon Pillars tour
On this tour we are heading north along the Arava valley through salt pans were we can see a lot of water birds like Flamingos. From there we drive to the Vally of The Statues where the natures sculpt the sand stone into beautiful shapes.
In the Timna Park we visit Solomon Pillars, Mushrooms, Chariot carvings, and old copper mines.
During the tour at the Timna Park, we stop in a Beduine tent to enjoy the famous hospitality and drinks.


Eilat Mountains Panoramic Tour
On this tour you will get to know the desert, complete with colorful granite formations towering up to 800m above the Red Sea. We then descend by jeep to Ein Netafim, a water spring in the desert, where you can occasionally observe desert animals such as gazelles in their natural area.

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